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  • Gua Sha Facials
  • Reiki energy balancing


Due to the nature if this work and limited availability. Please be respectful and ensure cancellation or reschedule is made 24 hours prior to appointment.

GUA SHA FACIAL - $188 – 50 minutes

This beautiful Gua Sha Holistic Facial provides a natural treatment to promote optimal skin health. This treatment is offered to the face, neck and décolleté to ease tension of the muscles to tone and rejuvenate. As a natural method Gua Sha removes toxins via manual lymphatic drainage and encourages skin vitality and radiance leaving you with a healthy natural glow and a deep sense of relaxation.

Treatment uses high quality, local sourced rose quartz tools and locally made premium apothecary products to ensure excellence is achieved. (please advise prior to booking appointment if you have allergies to natural or any products)

REIKI - $122 – 50 minutes

Reiki is a natural method of holistic healing where a practitioner uses energy healing via laying hands on or just above the body to assist in restoration to its natural blissful state. This method can assist in the balancing energy by assisting blockages and stuck energy in the body to flow, it is known to also assist with emotional and mental blocks.

Reiki energy nourishes the body on a cellular level and can promote a restful and relaxing experience for the client. A beautiful modality to enhance wellbeing and restore balance and harmony in the body, mind and soul.

FLOW + GLOW PACKAGE - $222 – 60 minutes

This amazing package combines the beautiful Gua Sha Facial Treatment of the face, neck and décolleté, followed by a personalised Reiki energy balance to leave you fully relaxed, flowing and glowing blissfully into your day. To complete you will also be offered an oracle card pull at the end of your session and an individualised affirmation to take home.

DISTANCE REIKI SESSION (via phone) - $55 – 30 minutes

This is sent via distance and by booking you confirm you are open to receive this healing energy and rebalance. What this service provides is:

💗 cleanse auric field and rebalance chakras

💗 relax body and mind and rest on a cellular level

💗 reset mind, body and soul to feel light and refreshed.

PLEASE NOTE: This is sent via distance as Reiki works through time/space energy field using proxy method. You do not need to be in attendance, just open to receive the most healing of highest love and light and will be intuitively directed for your highest good. Allow what follows to be your guide. This will mean something different for each of us. A beautiful practice to consider is to journal freely before and after session to notice what message and shifts come through for you at this time. Writing what naturally comes to mind.

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Brandi – Yin Collective


Brandi, from Yin Collective is a spiritual practitioner who is accredited and certified in multiple holistic modalities to enhance your wellbeing.

As a Yoga/Pilates teacher Brandi loves to combine her knowledge and experience to support you in achieving optimal body, mind and soul wellness. Brandi is a mum of four who is passionate about assisting all who wish to experience a sense of balance, restoration and harmony in their life.